Charter fee of 1235 euros includes;

1/ 4 days use of boat from the morning of Thursday 26th practicing, and for both regatta days. Boat is delivered to the club and will be on water and rigged. Charterers are expected to wash the boat down, and to help de rig it at the end of the regatta.

2/ Delivery to/from club.

3/ Regatta entry fee

4/ All charter fees include insurance premium, we will take a credit card number for the insurance excess deposit required of 750 euros, refundable at the safe conclusion of the regatta. .

OneSails boat charter for Event 4, Tr. Princess Sofia, 27/28/29th March 2020

1.235,00 €Precio
  • Boat is a standard Viper complete ready to race for both regatta days plus the Friday. It does not include compass or instruments